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Photography Apps I Use On My iPhone 12 Pro Max in 2021



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What apps do I keep and use on my iPhone 12 Pro Max in 2021?  I will list a few below and best of all, they are (almost) all free!



Most serious photographers will use some form of image editing software to do post-work on the photos they take before they publish.  Lightroom is one of those programs that I use extensively to post-process photos on my laptop before I ship them to a client or unleash them upon the world of social media.


Lightroom also has a mobile version that allows the user to take advantage of the power of Lightroom on their phone or iPad.  With almost all of the laptop or desktop software controls available to the mobile version, it is one of the most powerful image editing apps around.


Lightroom is made by Adobe and does not come in a free version.  Adobe does have a package for photographers that includes Lightroom and Photoshop along with 20 GB of cloud storage for photos.  If you want to use Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop on your images, the price is hard to beat and there is no better-supported software with a huge community and tutorials for almost any questions you might have.  You can check out the one-year subscription at the affiliate links at the end of the article.



Snapseed is a very user-friendly image editing app made by Google.  Google offers the software for free to users across multiple platforms.


Snapseed offers multiple image editing tools as well as some very good filters for achieving a different look to your images.  The user interface of the program is well suited to mobile use and uses finger sliders to perform most adjustments.  For those just getting started with image editing, there is a tune image option that uses the software’s algorithms to make adjustments to the image, which gives a great starting point for most users.  Some users will use just the tune image option and nothing else.


You must save your work and export your image when you are done with editing.  If the image isn’t exported you will not be able to find it on your camera roll.  See the affiliate links below for a free guide to using Snapseed.



TouchRetouch is my go-to app for removing things from an image.  If you have a great image but want to remove some distracting power lines, TouchRetouch is for you.  Have some blemishes or imperfections on an otherwise great subject, just erase them with TouchRetouch.


At just $1.99, TouchRetouch is well worth the asking price for being able to remove items from a photo.  Power lines and the like are a specialty of TouchRetouch.  This is one app that you might not use every day, but it comes in very handy when you need to remove something from a photo.

In the image below, you can see a before and after of an overhead drone image of a residence.  I used TouchRetouch to remove the truck from the driveway, the basketball goal near the driveway and some trash from the neighbor’s yard.  It would be difficult to notice that the image had been touched up at all and the whole process took less than two minutes!



Focos is another app that leverages computational photography, except after the fact rather than the time of capture.  This app has a free version that lets you change your focus and depth of field after the fact.  Took a great photo, but forgot to use portrait mode to blur out the background?  Try Focos.


With many other features available, the free version of Focos will give you a great feel for the app to decide if you would want the paid version.  In the image below, I’ve made a slight change to the shape of the bokeh in the background as well as a very tiny change in the amount of background blur.



There is a multitude of image editing apps chasing space on your iPhone.  These are the apps that I personally use on my iPhone and in my own endeavors.  I find good utility in each of these apps because they all provide something a little different.


Don’t be afraid to try new apps though, as new apps are released all the time.


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Ralph is an avid photographer in his spare time. He spends a lot of his photography time shooting sports photos of his daughter, who plays softball and swims. He also has a keen interest in mobile photography.

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  1. Naim

    I’m an iPhone user but I don’t know which apps are good for photography. Thank Ralph for introducing these apps. I hope these apps will be very useful to me.


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