May 27, 2021 | iPhone

How To Turn On the Camera Grid On An iPhone



Having trouble turning on the grid on your iPhone? You’ve come to the right place!

Turning on the grid on your iPhone

Using a grid can help compose your photos to have a more pleasing aesthetic.  A good rule of thumb is to place the focus of your composition, that is the subject of your photograph, where the horizontal and vertical lines connect.  Doing so creates a more pleasing image.  Here is how to turn the on the grid on your iPhone.

To turn on your iPhone grid, simply go to the following menu:

Settings —> Camera —> Click the slider next to “Grid”.

Once that option has been set, you will now see a grid overlaid on top of your screen whenever you open the camera app.

Now you can use the 3×3 grid to assist with framing your shots like a pro! For more information about photography composition, check out my post on improving your composition here.

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Ralph is an avid photographer in his spare time. He spends a lot of his photography time shooting sports photos of his daughter, who plays softball and swims. He also has a keen interest in mobile photography.


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